Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Soulcollage - The Beautiful Whispers of the Divine Within

artist: Jeri Bodemar. Image courtesy of soulcollage.com

Coming Soon! The beautiful creations of those that work with the SoulCollage® process.

For the uninitiated, SoulCollage® is a Jungian process developed by Seena Frost. The SoulCollage® process consists of collaging found pictures onto cardstock in order to create your own tarot (of sorts). I use the word 'Tarot' only as a comparative reference as these cards share the similar purpose of working with the higher aspect of consciousness, but are completely individualized. You create them intuitively and work with them your entire life.

This much is true: Making them is utterly addictive and one of the most intuitive facilitators of the imaginative process I've ever come across.

Kaleidosoul has a wonderful site dedicated to this process, along with many tips and techniques. Future blog posts will feature other artists and women working with these cards.

Do you have a soul card to share? Email it to: lisbethgessaman AT gmail DOT com along with any relevant history or comments, and I will feature it on this site.